Blue Blood and Mutiny:
The Fight for the Soul of Morgan Stanley

Blue Blood & Mutiny, book jacketBlood Blood & Mutiny is the first and only book about the venerable Wall Street firm, founded in 1935. Patricia Beard was given exclusive access to the dramatic story of the fight by eight retired senior executives, known as “The Group of Eight” (and alternatively “The Grumpy Old Men.”) Their mission was to oust Philip Purcell, the chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley, whom they believed was undermining the culture of the firm and negatively affecting its share price. The “eight” included former chairman, S. Parker Gilbert; former president, Robert Scott; and former heads of major divisions of the firm. Their successful revolt signaled a clash of cultures and a battle for character in American business.

Samuel L. Hayes, III, Jacob Schiff Professor of Investment Banking Emeritus, Harvard Business School— “I really enjoyed reading Blue Blood & Mutiny and found it hard to put down. It is an excellent chronicle of an important event in the contemporary evolution of Wall Street. Patricia Beard writes as though she has spent her whole life on Wall Street. Congratulations to her!”